Bent Garage Door Tracks

You’ll inevitably have to replace or repair bent, misaligned, or damaged garage door tracks at some point. Call us at (623) 439-5129 and we will be happy to do it for you.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

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If you want to install a new garage door or want to have your existing one serviced, we carry all the best brands and models and are known for our professionalism and expertise. No matter what your garage door needs, bent garage door tracks, or otherwise, you can rely on Anthem Garage Doors to provide the best solution.

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Get the best service for your damaged garage door tracks

Bent, misaligned, or damaged garage door tracks can be due to several factors, such as inadequate lubrication of the rollers, a broken drum connection or a broken cable, metal fatigue, a decayed jamb, or footings, to name just a few of the typical reasons.

Whatever the cause, when you have damaged door tracks, you need to get them fixed immediately. Otherwise, they can cause other garage door issues that may prove more costly.

Sometimes, the solution to damaged tracks can be as easy as lubricating them, but replacing the tracks is often necessary. In order to properly diagnose the particular issue with your garage door tracks, call the services of a trusted expert, namely Anthem Garage Doors!

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