Hollow Metal & Wood Doors

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Anthem Hollow Metal & Wood Doors

Anthem Garage Doors is the authorized distributor of top brands

Hollow metal and wood doors currently have various uses, in offices and conference rooms, re-cording studios, stadiums and arenas, theatres, healthcare facilities, government facilities, military installations etc. Whatever is the application, we can offer you various solutions.

We are the authorized distributor of all the top brands and manufacturers of hollow metal and wood doors. Just let us know the function and we can give you solutions that are appropriate for your use. We will even send you our topnotch team of technicians who can personally discuss with you all of your requirements.

Anthem Garage Doors has a team of technicians who are the best in the field and know fully well the technical requirements of hollow metal and wood doors. They will prove invaluable in giving you professional advice. What’s more, this advice will be provided FREE of charge.

Source your hollow metal and wood door from Anthem Garage Doors

Because we know that hollow metal and wood doors have a variety of applications, we also have several options in our inventory. Our stock of doors range from a simple frame to elaborate frames and systems that can withstand fire and blasts.

Depending on your requirement, we have classified as:

  • Acoustical Doors — These are doors that are made for theatres, performing arts centers and re-cording studios.
  • Blast and Pressure Resistance Doors — These are highly durable doors that provide protection against excessive force and explosions.
  • Bullet Resistance Doors — These are doors that are fortified with ballistic armor and can with-stand bullets and strafing.
  • Lead Lined Doors — These are usually used for healthcare facilities to contain radiation.
  • Stainless Steel Doors — These doors are corrosion resistant and ideal for environments that are prone to moisture.

All of these doors are of superior strength and performance, made of channel reinforced steel sheets and filled with insulation materials such as polystyrene or polyure-thane. They are also much easier to maintain and thus, more sanitary.

Note that aside from installing, Anthem Garage Doors will provide you will all manufacturer warranties and service these warranties as necessary. Aside from these, we can also provide you with amazing deals and discounts.

Tap the expert — Anthem Garage Doors

To install your company’s hollow metal and wood door, always tap the service of an expert — chose Anthem Garage Doors. In doing so, you can be sure that there will be no mistakes and that your door will be working effectively and efficiently.

At the same time, our experts will also ensure your safety. All standard safety checks will be done by our team to avoid accidents.

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