Entrance & Glass Doors

If you require an impactful entrance door to your commercial establishment, we can provide you with different options suited to your needs. We carry pre-fabricated entrance doors which are customizable in terms of colors, hardware finishes and glass windows or we can provide unique, one-of-a kind designs.

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Entrance & Glass Doors

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We at Anthem Garage Doors know how important it is that commercial entrances blend with the aesthetics of your establishment and corporate branding. As such, we want to make it easy for you. We have a selection of entrance and glass doors from where you can choose a design that is best for your establishment. What’s more, if you cannot find the look and technical specifications that you want, just let us know and we can source it out for you.

Anthem Garage Doors cares for your business. We want to help make a contribution to growing your business by ensuring that you have an impactful entrance and glass door. As such, we have partnered with the top manufacturers of high quality doors in order for us to have an expansive collection for you to choose from.

Call us now and let’s discuss how to enhance the look of your commercial establishment by in-stalling a new entrance and glass door. Alternatively, if you only want to have your existing door repaired, we can also handle that for you.

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Entrance and glass doors have a variety of applications. These include use in hotels, store or retail fronts, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings etc. In all of these uses, we are sure to carry the right entrance and glass door for you.

Note that we carry all different glass options that are strong, reliable and low maintenance. At the same time, our glass doors look sophisticated, hygienic and with the use of the latest engineering solutions and technologies, are security proof.

Our entrance doors have the following glass options:

  • Tempered glass — This is very durable. In fact, it is about three and a half times stronger than regular annealed glass and is considered to be very safe because when broken, it crumbles in-stead of slivering.
  • Laminated glass — This type is quite strong because it is made of plastic in between two pieces of glass which enables it to stay together even when broken.
  • Thermally improved insulated glass — This is recommended for extreme temperatures because its thickness creates a strong barrier against temperature which makes it cost-efficient. It is also hard to break and quite safe.

Aside from these choices and depending on use, you also have the option to go for frameless glass entrance doors or if you require frames, we have different materials available such as steel, aluminium, wood etc.

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Always note that once you book us, you will benefit from our nearly two decades of experience in installing doors — whether residential garage or commercial doors. We are the best in the industry and we always assure our customers that when you book our service, we bring with us quality, performance and excellent service.
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