Roof Hatches & Floor Doors

Do you need to have access panels such as roof hatches and floor doors installed in your commercial establishment? We have a collection for you to look at and choose from.

Roof Hatches Doors

Pick your roof hatch and floor door from Anthem Garage Doors’ impressive collection

Roof hatches and floor doors are important components in commercial establishments. These are used to provide access to important areas as well as equipment and property that are stored in these areas.

Anthem Garage Doors has an array of options for roof hatches and floor doors from where you can choose from. These are available in a range of materials that are designed to be heavy-duty, low maintenance and durable.

What’s more, when you book Anthem Garage Doors to install your roof hatch and floor door, you benefit from our nearly two decades of experience. We will also ensure its long-lasting performance and reliability. So what are you waiting for, contact us now.

Tap Anthem Garage Doors for installing your roof hatches and floor doors

There are different types of roof hatches and floor doors. The important things to consider in selection are: installation location, size and weather conditions if applicable. In this, Anthem Garage Doors can provide you with assistance so that you know that your selection will be appropriate to your use.

We have several types of roof hatches that can be made to withstand snow, strong winds and rains. Usually made of steel, these are easy-to-use, with sturdy frames, weather gaskets, durable handles, and rust-resistant coating. They can also have black and yellow tape lines on the perimeter and inside the door for safety purposes.

We also have the following features that can be customizable for roof hatches:

  • polycarbonate dome for natural lighting and energy savings
  • louvered vents for ventilation
  • fusible link that can serve as a smoke hatch in the case of fire

Meanwhile, we have the following types of floor doors:

  • Fire-rated floor doors — Usually made of aluminum, these doors are fire-resistant and sturdy. It can also be fitted with tile, concrete, stone and other thick materials for seamless design integration.
  • Aluminum floor doors — This type of doors are heavy duty and applicable for areas in which have heavy foot traffic.
  • Recessed floor doors — This type of floor hatch are made to be less noticeable and will seam-lessly blend with the design of the surrounding floor.

Whatever you need, just contact Anthem Garage Doors so that you can benefit from our experienced team of professionals who will always be please to assist you.

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