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Do you need added security to protect your goods and property? If so, we would recommend the installation of grilles and gates. Contact Anthem Garage Doors at (623) 439-5129 in order to determine what is the most appropriate solution for you.

Anthem Grilles & Gates

Anthem Garage Doors guarantees the quality of our grilles and gates

If you require additional protection for your commercial establishment, we carry different types of grilles and gates for you to choose from. Anthem Garage Doors knows that putting in place grilles, gates and shutters go a long way towards providing you with peace of mind especially against theft and vandalism.

By booking us, rest assured that whatever grille or gate you would want us to install is GUARAN-TEED to be of the highest quality and will assure the safety and security of your establishment. This is because we only source our security grilles and gates from the top brands as well as offer all manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

This kind of service has made us very popular in the industry and is the main reason for our consistently 5 star ratings.

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There is an important difference between security grilles and gates.

Security grilles are most often used in the exterior of banks and malls, usually made to blend with the aesthetics of the design while providing added protection. We have different types such as coiling grilles or rolling grilles in metal or steel and in different patters, colors and finishes. We also offer custom-made door grille solutions and elaborate designs.

The important thing to remember is that our grilles are made from only the best metals and provide
maximum security protection and durability.

Gates, on the other hand come in different varieties as provided below:

  • Metal Security Gates — These are for heavy duty use and usually geared for government buildings, corporate offices and banks.
  • Home Security Gates — These are usually simple gates with a lower standard for security; can be waist-high or full height.
  • Electric Security Gates — These can usually be opened through the use of remote controls or automatic motion sensors. These are used for residential or office spaces.
  • Security Door Gates — These are smaller than driveway gates and are attached to full height gates, but with only the width of a normal doorway.

Whatever type you need, whether grilles or gates, we can show you several collections that are durable, engineered to provide maximum security and with the flexibility to have customized finish-es to adapt to the overall look of your commercial establishment.

We offer 24/7 emergency service for your convenience

Anthem Garage Doors is always your best choice in the installation of residential garage and commercial doors. Note that we offer emergency service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your door-related needs. This is because we do not want you inconvenienced in any way.
So whatever the time or the weather, just call us for whatever issue with your grilles and gates or book appointment here for your Free Estimate.