Broken Garage Door Springs

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Broken Garage Door Springs

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Monitor the use of your garage door springs

Garage door torsion springs are usually the first to break or give out among the many components of your garage door. The springs bear a lot of pressure, supporting the entire weight of a heavy garage door. Through regular and continued use, garage door springs are usually stretched tight and subject to wear and tear.

On average, garage door torsion springs have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles. Opening your door and closing it consist of one cycle. As such, if you use your garage door twice a day, the springs will last for 14 years. However, regular use of garage doors is usually pegged at 4 times a day, meaning most torsion springs will last for only 7 years on average.

It is very important to note the lifespan of your garage door torsion springs and monitor their use. Often, improper or poor maintenance, temperature changes, weather conditions, and misalignment over time can affect your garage door springs and cause them to break.

Unfortunately, broken springs can render your entire garage door useless. This can not only be an inconvenience but also can prove hazardous.

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