Commercial Roll-Up Steel Doors

Does your business require a commercial roll-up steel doors? We have an array of options for you, all in high quality steel and at different price points, for your convenience.

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Commercial Roll-Up Steel Doors

Anthem garage doors values your business

Anthem Garage Doors is an authorized distributor of the top manufacturers of residential garage and commercial doors. If you need a commercial roll-up steel doors installed or replaced, just let us know and we can show you several options. At the same time, we will even inspect the area where you want the door installed to make sure that whatever you order is according to the required technical specifications. Unlike other installers, we will do this for FREE.

If you book us to install, replace or repair your commercial roll-up door, we will also throw in amazing deals and discounts. We are also pleased to service all manufacturer guarantees.

This is because we value your business. As a family-owned company, our aim to to ensure the 100% satisfaction of our customers in all the products that we carry and in the excellent service that we provide.

Get great options for commercial roll-up steel doors

Roll-up commercial steel doors are popular with a lot of clients because this type of door is quite economical and easy to use for warehouses, storage facilities and other applications. We have an array of options in stainless steel and galvanized steel and even aluminum, with or without insulation, and in different price points. Our options are also available in a variety of slat profiles, materials, gauges and finishes ranging from light duty to heavy duty doors and high performance models. These options are classified as follows:

  • Light duty steel roll-up doors are guaranteed available at reasonable prices and assured ease of use.
  • Heavy duty doors are strong and durable and can withstand wind loads of up to 20 psf. If enhanced with insulation, these doors can ensure climate control.
  • High performance steel roll-up doors — These are available for projects that require thermal efficiency and can withstand wind load higher than 20 psf.

We assure you that whatever is your requirement, we have them for you. If you require specialty roll-up doors that are not within our options, we will be happy to source them out for you.

Note that gauges accessories, weather stripping and finishes can always be customized depending on your needs and requirements. Just call us and we can discuss available options.

We are pleased to serve you

When you book us to install your commercial steel roll-up door, trust that we will also ensure your safety. For any defects, just call us anytime and we will immediately attend to you. Our steel door installation package will also include all the required nuts and bolts.

It has always been our goal to ensure that our customers benefit from only the best possible service that we can provide. We have a reputation to protect as a member of Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors, that is why we will always be your partner in providing quality doors and excellent service.

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