Security Gate Repair

The security gate for your business should always be in topnotch condition in order to ensure that it keeps your goods, property and people safe and secure. If you encounter any issue with your security gate, never hesitate to call Anthem Garage Doors at (623) 439-5129.

Security Gate Repair

We do not only repair your security gate, we also check its strength and performance

We at Anthem Garage Doors know fully well the importance of ensuring the high performance of the residential garage and commercial doors that you order. In the case of security gates, we are aware that these should be in the best quality and form especially since its main purpose is keeping your property and your people secure. As such, we always make sure that our team of qualified experts keep this in mind.

When you book us to repair your security gate, we will always check its strength and performance and make tests to ensure its durability amidst all odds. Our technicians will keep you informed of their findings and provide you with recommendations to enhance and strengthen the performance of your security gate.

As such, it is always best to trust the expert in keeping your gate well maintained and in optimal condition. Book only Anthem Garage Doors.

When it comes to security gate repair, call only Anthem Garage Doors

When you book us to maintain and repair your security gate, we will not only address the issue that you reported. We maintain a checklist for gate service that our technicians look into to ensure its strength and durability. These include:

  • Proper alignment of rollers, fasteners, brackets and other gate hardware, tightness and signs of damage, breakage, looseness, rust or wear;
  • Checking for adequate safety provisions including manufacturing date;
  • Checking of gate fall over and roller guarding;
  • Checking of electric operation for any irregularities such as uneven speed, excessive sway or unusual stopping;
  • Inspection of edge sensors and/or photoelectric eyes;
  • Conduct of contact reverse test of vertical frame and vertical edge sensors to ensure that the gate stops and reverses if an object is encountered when the gate is closing;
  • Conduct of non-contact reverse test is made to ensure that the gate stops if an object passes through the gate entry as the gate is closing;
  • Checking and inspection of safety warning signs;
  • Visual inspection of openings in the gate and fence to ensure that they measure the maximum size opening in the gate and that portion of a fence the gate covers when fully opened;
  • Checking of manual release to ensure that the gate operator has a method to allow the gate to be manually operated;
  • Checking of manual operation for smooth gate operation even if disconnected from the automatic gate operator;
  • Checking of barbed wire/barbed tape and protrusions; and
  • Checking of pedestrian gate to verify functionality.

Aside from these, we will also check all gate openers/operators and any other components to ensure performance and durability.

If you need to replace your security gate, you also never have to worry because we carry all different brands, styles, colors and finishes for you to choose from.

Anthem Garage Doors is the name you can trust

When it comes to security gates, Anthem Garage Doors is the name that you can trust. It is our aim to always provide the best products and services to our customers at a range of reasonable price points.

Give us a call or book appointment here for your free security gate repair estimate.