Impact Doors & Strip Curtains

For businesses that require impact doors and strip curtains, now is the best time to contact Anthem Garage Doors. We have a range of impact doors that are very durable and low maintenance as well as strip curtains.

Impact Doors & Strip Curtains

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When it comes to quality and cost-efficiency of commercial doors such as impact doors and strip curtains, Anthem Garage Doors is the name you can trust. We are an authorized distributor of the top manufacturers and will always ensure the most cost-effective solutions for you.

This is because we care for your business. Anthem Garage Doors is a family-owned company that is after customer satisfaction more than profit. We aim to nurture a relationship with you as you grow your business with the help of our quality and high performing doors.

Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competition. Con-tact us now and let’s discuss solutions for your commercial door requirements.

Anthem Garage Doors brings you high quality impact doors and strip curtains

Impact Doors are significant for a variety of applications such as in hospital emergency rooms, cold storage areas and restaurants that require unimpeded traffic. Quality impact doors are composite, can handle repeated cycles of impact from pallet jacks and forklifts and usually have gravity hinges that allow them to close without using springs, hydraulics or electrical devices, making them less costly to purchase and maintain.

Impact doors can oftentimes be driven from either direction. They have safeguards and protectors to enable the doors to withstand impact.

Our impact doors come in a wide range of weights and thicknesses and options that assure its attractiveness and durability.

Meanwhile, we have strip doors and curtains that allow for environmental separation to areas and openings where pedestrian, cart or motorized traffic access is required. Our collection contain different styles and configurations.

For proper installation, trust only Anthem Garage Doors. Our professional technicians will ensure that you have functional and fully working impact doors and strip curtains that will be long-lasting.

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